This & That

Novus Community Channel

Acquainted with Novus Entertainment Inc. back in 2006, it’s been some time since we’ve work them and we were very excited to produce this banner system for them in 2011.  The banner was designed with a consistent header and footer and a swap of the body elements would re-purpose the banner for their most current promotion.

Richmond Endodontic Centre

Working closely in 2011 with Dr. Joel Fransen and his team at the Richmond Endodontic Centre, Definium Design helped to expand the Centre’s visual language.  The centre seeking to elevate their brand presentation, we first assessed their existing logo and decided that their logo didn’t require a redesign but just a slight re-positioning of the elements. The ideologies of the brand were already present in the logo and our role was to further that first step. Our result is the introduction of a signature graphic (found along the sides), an enhanced gradient blue, a unique type choice and a very rigid layout.

The centre, opened in late 2010 provides the highest standard of modern endodontic care in a comfortable and advanced environment. You can visit their website that we’re currently finalizing.