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June 1 – June 30

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HOME Vancouver Chinatown. Chinatown Mascot Coming this summer, Vancouver Chinatown will have its very own mascot! But first, we need your help.

Vancouver Chinatown
Vancouver Chinatown
Chinatown Mascot


Earlier this year, the Vancouver Chinatown BIA Society (VCBIA) proposed an idea to develop a mascot that would provide a recognizable identity for Vancouver's Chinatown. This mascot will complement the existing Chinatown culture with Vancouver's uniqueness and diverse multiculturalism.

This one mascot needs to achieve a great deal by itself: appeal to children and tourists from all over the world, represent the local community, and personify the values and essence of Vancouver Chinatown.

Mascot Development Objectives

• To promote the Chinese culture and identity of Chinatown to the general public.

• Enhance Chinatown's capabilities for youth-targeted promotional activities.

• Bolster Chinatown's branding efforts with the production of promotional items based on the resulting design.