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Website Launch!

Wow! We’re excited that you’re here to read about the debut of our newest brand extension,¬† Exactly one year ago, we wanted to bring you a design that was rich with information yet modest and fresh in its visuals. A site crafted that you could explore and dive in and out of.

The ideals were set to mirror the definitions of our design studio, from who are we to what we do, and what we’re capable of doing. We continued to apply our “less is more” design approach to reflect our creative philosophy and how we applied that to our practice. Adding to the challenge, we really wanted to see how little of elements we could use before the site design loses its effectiveness and appeal.

Our answer is a design uniquely broken into apparent blocks of information. It’s a play on visual space, allowing a variety of ways to place supporting content. Throughout the design, we considered a sense of depth; a user can skim the surface or move deeper into an array of detail. This is present in the typeset and in the structure of the pages.

The site like our name reflects the duality in what we do, the merger of art and commerce, the challenge of creativity and science. We imply the notion of a textbook; a manual for learning that is symbolic to our premise yet provides reading functionality. Adding to the mix are subtle hints of aesthetics and minimalist graphics, making a combination of visual and written language for you to decipher.

It’s been 365 days in the making and we hope you enjoy.

-Chris Chan + Kevin Mak

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