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A Fresh Tendency

Our own fresh typemark to bring in the new year! Join us on Facebook if you haven’t already!

Chinatown Website

To help celebrate Vancouver Chinatown’s 125th anniversary, the Vancouver Chinatown BIA initiated a re-design of their current website. The design and photographic art direction of the site is inspired from a theme of heritage, proud beginnings, progressive action, and community diversity.


After an intensive year of working closely with the Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (WIDHH), we launched to bring in the New Year.

The Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (WIDHH) is the largest non-profit agency of its kind in Western Canada. In operation since 1956, WIDHH strives to offer high quality services to Deaf, Deafened and Hard of Hearing individuals through innovative products, services, and programs that help to promote accessibility equal to that of the hearing public.


ivivva athletica

It’s our studio belief to continually push our creative boundaries and with ivivva athletica, we jumped at this opportunity! A debut project for us in athletic apparel, our challenge was furthered as we had to design to an audience we’ve never designed for; young energetic girls. Un-phased, we pushed ahead and found our answer in free flowing ribbons of color.


The Keefer Bar

One of Vancouver’s most unique bar settings with cocktails nowhere alike; we were inspired by the dim light, wood décor of the Keefer Bar in Vancouver Chinatown. In crafting their website, we wanted to match the ambient setting that you instantly feel when you enter. It’s a trip down the rabbit hole!