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Chinatown Festival 2010

Once again, working closely with the Vancouver Chinatown Business Improvement Association (VBCIA), we have officially started the design process for this year’s annual Vancouver Chinatown Festival. 2010 will mark the 11th birthday of this community event and it will be our 5th consecutive year in collaborating with the Chinatown Festival Committee.

The Chinatown Festival is a two day weekend of food, festivities and free entertainment with over 40,000 attendees. Included is a day and night market with youth targeted events such as Street Fest and the Youth Talent Showdown.

This year’s design collateral will be taking on a very different approach and while we can’t give away too much, the visual language we’re currently developing will coincide with a much larger branding effort.

Each year, over 150 volunteers and delegates will receive a themed T-shirt. In supporting the VCBIA and its efforts, selected shirts are often available for sale. In the past, the T-shirts have been signature to display the previous year’s design but unfortunately this year’s would-be design will only remain a concept.

Having said that, we are very excited for August 2010 as that is when this year’s Festival design will be revealed!

View Last Years Design here.

Stay Tuned.

Definium Design Vancouver

The Keefer Bar Flyer

The Keefer Bar Flyer

It’s the middle of April, the Vancouver Canucks just won their first playoff game for 2010! Since the beginning of the year till now, we’ve been busier than ever with lots of new portfolio pieces to add.  To start, we’d like to announce an exciting new client, The Keefer Bar in Vancouver Chinatown. The bar is a great addition to the changing landscape of one of Vancouver’s oldest and most vibrant neighborhoods. The Keefer Bar nested on the ground floor of an updated century old heritage building is perfect with an apothecary twist! The bar having just opened on the eve of the 2010 Winter Olympics, we developed a tag line and visual language to help garner instant attention. Not wanting to give away too much, our solution was left to your imagination.

Stay close as we have much more exciting studio news for you.

Definium Design Vancouver