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Chinatown Mascot

Earlier this year, the Vancouver Chinatown BIA Society (VCBIA) proposed an idea to develop a mascot that would provide a recognizable identity for Vancouver’s Chinatown.  The design of this mascot has been an exciting opportunity for us and we’re ecstatic to share this design with you! The final two mascot concepts are temporarily nicknamed “Punkie” and “Muse” and are currently up for display. This showcase reaches out to the community for a vote on which design should be Vancouver Chinatown’s very own mascot!

Voting runs between June 1 to June 30th with the winning selection being revealed at the 11th Vancouver Chinatown Festival Press Conference. As the final design is selected, we’ll be sure to share with you the design details of this challenging and engaging project.

Make sure to vote at Vancouver Chinatown.

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