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YTS 2011 Press Conference

Chris Chan and Kevin Mak, Definium Design

Some photos of Chris speaking at this year’s TD Youth Talent Showdown press conference.  Fortunately, the event was scheduled earlier in the day before the rain! Chris had a lot fun doing it! You can read more about what he said here. (Some photos of this year’s sponsors and their reps below)

TD Bank Group

SHAW Cable Systems G.P.

MCL Motor Cars

YTS 2011 Design

This year marks our 6th installment in crafting the artwork for the annual Youth Talent Showdown in Vancouver Chinatown. In the 5 years we’ve been working with the VCBIA, there’s been a lot of positive change for the neighborhood.

We believe that this year is yet another opportunity to further change and move forward, so we wanted to put the Chinese back into the artwork with hopes of reaching out to a new audience and attracting a diverse range of talent and performers.

As this is the year of the rabbit in the Chinese calendar, we believe the rabbit should take centre stage in the design. The last 2 YTS’s has been a dance format and this year YTS has switched back to a multi talent show where you don’t know exactly what performances are going to take place. It is this thought that drives the concept for this year’s poster.

The idea is a play off Alice in Wonderland where you chase this rabbit down the rabbit hole and it’ll lead you to this place of magical performance. We wanted a design less rational and more imaginative and theatrical. Hence you don’t see a typical rabbit. The main features of this rabbit is its boxed head and top hat but clearly it’s a rabbit because of it’s ears and body.

As YTS is a competition, we’ve included some fun elements such as the ‘target’ tail and boxing gloves. The rabbit is faced forward but looking back at you as it’s ready to go, but be warned that if you should catch him, he might pack a punch.

The colors we’ve selected reflect the traditional Chinese black ink and subtle red – included is the Chinese character for longevity and a hanging Chinese decoration off his ruler.

As Van Van has his brush, we felt that this rabbit should have something similar in idea and that is his ruler. It’s a symbol of measurement and if you’re going to perform, the rabbit is going to judge you. Plus, the ruler in a lot of cultures is an icon of discipline, if you don’t behave so well, you’re going to get a lesson.

Lastly, the type treatment we’ve applied for the ‘Youth Talent Showdown’ mimics a pop up circus sign – if you can imagine a desert with it’s circus tents and elephants and this big light flashing sign that just says ‘come on down’. There’s the twirl and swirl of the lines, as if you’re falling down the rabbit hole. All in all, this year’s poster design is meant to be fun.

Not to forget! Our shout out to Jennifer Duong for her amazing illustration contribution to this project. We couldn’t have pulled it off so successfully without her!

I’ hope to see you all at this years TD Youth Talent Show!

Keefer Spring Menus

Heres’s a little behind the scenes with the crafting of the Keefer Bar’s menu. Chinese calligraphy rice paper, purchased in Vancouver Chinatown is cut to size. The graphics and type treatment are then printed with an aged effect. After printing, each menu is sorted and trimmed to it’s final size and folded inwards. (above) The menu’s are binded on the right hand side which requires the user to flip the pages with their left hand – a subtle intention of the ‘East’ experience. Lastly, each menu is treated, giving the paper a coarse texture and a vintage presentation. (below) Check em out at the Keefer Bar in Vancouver Chinatown! Their cocktails are truly unique.

Chinatown Website

To help celebrate Vancouver Chinatown’s 125th anniversary, the Vancouver Chinatown BIA initiated a re-design of their current website. The design and photographic art direction of the site is inspired from a theme of heritage, proud beginnings, progressive action, and community diversity.


The Keefer Bar

One of Vancouver’s most unique bar settings with cocktails nowhere alike; we were inspired by the dim light, wood décor of the Keefer Bar in Vancouver Chinatown. In crafting their website, we wanted to match the ambient setting that you instantly feel when you enter. It’s a trip down the rabbit hole!


Everyday I Think Of

Call out for applications officially started for the 11th Annual Vancouver Chinatown Festival – Youth Talent Showdown (YTS) 2010. This year’s YTS, same as last, will primarily be a dance competition. So If you’re a dancer, solo or a group, old skool, new skool, and between the ages of 15 to 25, call the VCBIA to register and get ready to kick it!

Working closely with the Vancouver Chinatown BIA, this year’s design will mark our fifth consecutive design in helping this summer community event. For this year’s theme, we’ve based the design off a tag line, “Everyday I think of…” with the audience to fill in the rest.

Registration ends June 30,2010 with the finales at the 11th Annual Vancouver Chinatown Festival, August 15th, 2010.

Spread the word and we’ll see you in August!

For more information visit Youth Talent Showdown’s Website.

That’s it for now!

Definium Design Vancouver

Chinatown Mascot

Earlier this year, the Vancouver Chinatown BIA Society (VCBIA) proposed an idea to develop a mascot that would provide a recognizable identity for Vancouver’s Chinatown.  The design of this mascot has been an exciting opportunity for us and we’re ecstatic to share this design with you! The final two mascot concepts are temporarily nicknamed “Punkie” and “Muse” and are currently up for display. This showcase reaches out to the community for a vote on which design should be Vancouver Chinatown’s very own mascot!

Voting runs between June 1 to June 30th with the winning selection being revealed at the 11th Vancouver Chinatown Festival Press Conference. As the final design is selected, we’ll be sure to share with you the design details of this challenging and engaging project.

Make sure to vote at Vancouver Chinatown.

Read local and national news coverage on Punkie and Muse!
National Post
Vancouver Sun
Metro News

Over and out.

Definium Design Vancouver

Chinatown Festival 2010

Once again, working closely with the Vancouver Chinatown Business Improvement Association (VBCIA), we have officially started the design process for this year’s annual Vancouver Chinatown Festival. 2010 will mark the 11th birthday of this community event and it will be our 5th consecutive year in collaborating with the Chinatown Festival Committee.

The Chinatown Festival is a two day weekend of food, festivities and free entertainment with over 40,000 attendees. Included is a day and night market with youth targeted events such as Street Fest and the Youth Talent Showdown.

This year’s design collateral will be taking on a very different approach and while we can’t give away too much, the visual language we’re currently developing will coincide with a much larger branding effort.

Each year, over 150 volunteers and delegates will receive a themed T-shirt. In supporting the VCBIA and its efforts, selected shirts are often available for sale. In the past, the T-shirts have been signature to display the previous year’s design but unfortunately this year’s would-be design will only remain a concept.

Having said that, we are very excited for August 2010 as that is when this year’s Festival design will be revealed!

View Last Years Design here.

Stay Tuned.

Definium Design Vancouver

Vancouver Chinatown Festival 2009 – YTS Design revealed


Call out for applications officially started today for the Annual Vancouver Chinatown Festival – Youth Talent Showdown 2009. This will be the debut year for a special YTS,Dance Edition. So If you’re a dancer, solo or a group, old skool, new skool, and between the ages of 15 to 35, call the VCBIA to register and get ready to kick it!

Working closely with the Vancouver Chinatown BIA, this year’s design will mark our fourth consecutive design in helping this summer event a smash.

Larger version View.

Youth Talent Showdown Website