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The Presidential Inauguration in 3D


Change is here!

With President elect Obama in the Whitehouse the rest of the world is in hopes that positive change will come for the economy, the environment, world politics, and social and judicial issues.

While Obama will be busy making changes, Microsoft has been busy changing the way we search for photos online. CNN and Microsoft brings the inauguration to your screen with this amazing software called, Photosynth. Photosynth creates 3D-photo based environments with 2D images.

Try it to see what its all about.

“I love how you can zoom in on the secret service agents along the dome.”

What a Difference Eight Years Makes: an Illustrated Tale


The Atlantic takes a sober yet playful look at how things have changed in the last eight years under the stewardship of one George W. Bush. The good news? More billionaires! The bad news: more fat people.